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It is estimated that 90 percent of elite athletes utilize chiropractic care. Beginning around 1980, the United States has been utilizing chiropractic care for its Olympic athletes.

Today, all 32 NFL teams have a chiropractor on staff. Chiropractic is known for helping patients with neck pain and headaches, but did you know athletes utilize care to get ahead in their respective sports? Whether you consider athletics to be CrossFit, bodybuilding, dancing, youth sports, or being a weekend warrior, chiropractic offers much more than just pain relief.

So why do these athletes seek out chiropractors? Research supports athletic benefits such as quicker injury recovery, injury prevention, increased flexibility, and even quicker reaction times.

According to the Journal of Neurological Sciences, “The quality of healing is directly proportional to the functional capability of the nervous system to send and receive nerve messages.” Imbalances due to the high stress placed on the body during athletic activity can result in decreased neurological function. Through chiropractic care balance is restored, and nervous system messages, including those that facilitate healing, can be sent and received faster and more effectively.

This statement was also supported by research conducted at the New Zealand School of Chiropractic, which demonstrated an enhanced reaction

time for those who received chiropractic adjustments. When testing reaction times against a control, those who received adjustments enhanced

reaction time by almost double the control group. Evidence continues to pour in supporting the positive effects Chiropractic care has on athletes.

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